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English biography

Zoltán Paudits (1966) is a Hungarian poet and writer.

His poems and prose pieces are continuously published since the 1990s, first in local, then later on in national literary journals and anthologies. Since 2005, he also started writing articles for different newspapers, and proofreading books. His works have been published abroad as well, in journals such as the Catholic Hungarian Sunday (USA), the Kilátó (Belgium) or the Bécsi Napló (Austria). He has achieved success in numerous literary competitions. In 2002, he was granted the Cserhát Award of Excellence in Budapest, and in 2003, the Cserhát Artists’ Award. He was a member of the Hungarian Writers’ International Association (MINSZ, Magyar Írók Nemzetközi Szövetsége) and many other literary circles as well. He composed several songs and lyrics, such as the poem “Te őrzöl”, which became the theme song for the documentary “Fél lélegzet” directed by András Vereb Vean. This poem was also included in his first ever book of poetry “Úttalan utakon”, which was published in 2002. The opening song for the weekly television program “KÚT” was also based on his poem “Magamban megtaláltalak”, which was published in his 2009 book titled “Jöttem a fényből”. In 2013, the Szeged based Genéziusz Theatre performed a one-hour stage play by the title “A hószárnyú pillangók princípiuma”, presenting Zoltán’s poems and songs.

From the latter years of the 1980s till the middle of the 1990s he performed in different musical groups at weddings as a keyboard player and singer. After a few years of inactivity he has decided to explore a different musical genre so he founded the five-member rock band Silver Moon with his fellow musicians. During the half-year lifespan of the musical group, they wrote more than twenty original songs, and held numerous concerts as well. After the group disbanded, he has kept the same band name and has performed in an ephemeral synth-pop duo, with only two new songs composed. Their song “Csak egy tánc” had a rather different musical style compared to the former works of the band. After another long break, two former Silver Moon members contacted him, proposing the creation of a new band. With two entirely new members added they founded the Steamer Rock Band. This formation mostly performed songs of classic rock artists such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or Ten Years After. After three years and dozens of concerts, due to member changes and other personal factors, the band broke up. During the last year of the band Zoltán also played the keyboards in another group named Sygnum. Unfortunately, this formation only lasted for the timespan of the writing of six original songs and the rehearsals in-between. Currently Zoltán works secluded, taking part in different projects. His later works include the songs “Kopogós”, “Remény”, “Semmi nincs úgy”, “Kijáratok nélkül” and “Kereslek a Holdban”.


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